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Deann:  - Elizabeth Gilbert
This fall on my commute, I have been listening three stories filled with strong, inspiring women. Two interesting reads by author, Elizabeth Gilbert are so wildly different that it is hard to actually believe they come from the same mind. City of Girls is a classic, however quite saucy, coming-of-age story set right before and during World War II. The Signature of All Things is a family saga spanning much of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The novel follows the fortunes, and misfortunes, of the extraordinary Whittaker family, gifted in both science and finance. I am currently listening to the autobiography, Becoming by Michelle Obama, read by the author. It struck me that Michelle and I had very similar upbringings. We were both raised in lower middle class, hard-working, two-parent families where higher education and doing the right thing was valued. However, one of us was a bit more ambitious! Spoiler alert:  She has no affection for politics. You will come away better for having heard her American success story. - Deann
Rebecca: Fiction - Nicholas Sparks "The Best of Me"
Read the book! The movie leaves so much out. - Rebecca
Chelsi: Fiction  - Katherine Reay  "The Printed Letter Bookshop"
This is the best real life inspirational book I have read in a long while. Three ladies are tied together by the loss of one woman and learn to trust and love through literature. - Chelsi
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