Teen Summer Reading Program

Centuries ago, three powerful houses struggled for control of the Land of Libraria. Eventually, the people of Libraria left the planet for space, spreading through the solar system and exploring and settling 5 nearby star systems.
Now, you are aligned with one of the 3 housesHouse Shadow & LightHouse Mist & Fury, or House of Wind & Fire.

Only 1 house, however, can reign.
Can you help conquer 5 Star Systems and make your house the Rulers of Libraria Galactica?

When you register for Teen Summer Reading, you will be sorted into a house. You’ll earn points for your house by reading books and attending teen programs. The points you earn will help your house conquer the galaxy. See below for more information or download your copy of the rules:Battle for the Library Rules Booklet



House Assignments

When you register for the Teen Summer Reading Program, you will be randomly sorted into a House or you can request a specific house. If you request a specific house, we will try to place you in it, house balance permitting, but it is NOT guaranteed.


If a friend hasn’t yet registered for Teen Summer Reading, recruit them to your house! When they register, have them put down your name as the person who referred them, and we will place them in the same house.

Space Battles

We’ll have one house meeting a week during our teen programs at Herman Brown Free Library where members of a house can choose to engage in two battles, either by challenging another house or accepting a challenge. To challenge a house, pick one star system to battle over. Any points the houses score for that system over the next week (until the next meeting) count towards the battle. The house scoring the most points wins and earns 100 points for the star system they fought over. 

Fabulum System [Fabulum/3925-F, Red Giant star, 11 planets]:
>Earn points by reading FICTION books
 & submitting reading logs.

Factum Prime System [Factum Prime/NF-735, Orange K-type main sequence star, 7 planets, borders Chronicle Nebula]:
>Earn points by reading NON-FICTION books & submitting logs.

Sequenti System [Sequenti/GC-2020, Blue B-Type main sequence star, 4 planets]:
>Earn points by reading GRAPHIC NOVELS & submitting logs.

Prosopograph System [Prosopograph/545-B, Neutron star, 2 planets including the tidally locked Neomemoir]:
>Earn points by reading BIOGRAPHIES & submitting logs.

Gala-Gift System [Binary System; Gala/P-2015a, G-type main sequence Yellow Dwarf star & Gift/P-2015b, Red Dwarf star; 3 planets]:

Bibliothe System [Bibliothe/L-19, G-type main sequence Yellow Dwarf star, 5 planets]:
>The location of your homeworld, Libraria, this system is neutral.

Earning Points

Reading Logs

Turn in a Reading Log with a completed book: 5 points per 50 pages read.
Write a 5 sentence review of a book you completed: 15 points 
You can submit your Reading Logs at the library.


Programs & Challenges

Attend a Program (Escape Room, House Meetings, etc.)25 points
Volunteer (Church, Senior Center, Food Bank, etc.)15 points per hour 
Challenges (Available in YA section in library starting in June): 10-25 points 
Something Else: If you have an idea that you think should earn points talk to Ms. Becky and we’ll discuss how many points you can earn.

** Houses will meet on Wednesdays at 3:00PM in YA, June 5 - July 31. The deadline to submit materials for points is Wednesday, July 31 at 5 pm **